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A day in the life of "Game Of Thrones" Live it, love it, but be carful!

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    Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    A day in the life of "Game Of Thrones" Live it, love it, but be carful!

    I just finished playing this title. I had heard only bad things from reviews online that I had read. The 7th season of game of thrones just started and this was free on psn so I was down to give it a shot.

    The game is very cool in its design, its made to be like a season of "game of thrones" It has 6 episodes that took me approx. 2hrs each to complete. The player is introduced to new characters interwoven with current characters in an alternative story arc the runs concurrent to certain events in the series.

    Each episode starts with scenes from the prior episode to catch you up just like the show, then a dramatic scene that cuts to the theme music. Its all very HBO and I appreciated that. It really felt like the real show. I won’t give away anything here but the story is of 4 characters and they journey through this land it is heart wrenching…

    The game play was pretty interesting as you speak to different characters getting information to further yourself in the game. Most choices here seem to have weight and really matter, but in reality I don’t really think it matters so much on what your conversations answer choices are. As the storyline I think will pretty much play out the same either way. The combat is mostly timed button presses and stick swipes if you mess it up they put you right back in the same spot so you can correct your mistakes. That cuts out any potential frustration. At the end of each episode the game tells you how your choices compared to all the other players who played, like what % you answered a question similarly.

    I really liked the graphics they conveyed the shows look very well. The "script" seemed right out of the series quite a few twists and turns and plenty of BLOOD. I really enjoyed the story lines and the totally brutal style they kept the game just like the series which was really cool, I didn’t expect the play through to be this much fun. I played it over 6 days 1 episode a day (2hrs ea).

    Game of thrones is a fun game for fans of the series it really puts you right in the middle of your own "game of thrones" experience. I enjoyed each episode and the story was well connected and very emotional just like the show. Another great reason to finish this fun, entertaining, story/game is you get a shiny PLATINUM trophy as soon as you finish the last episode. I really enjoyed my time with this game as a big fan of the series. I recommend this to anyone who enjoy game of thrones… Or just wants an easy platinum trophy.

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