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2nd Best Anime Game on Xbox One

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    Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    2nd Best Anime Game on Xbox One

    Disclaimer: So I can already tell that there are going to be a lot (and I mean a lot) of people reviewing this game, now most wont review it fairly so I feel like I will be the one to help buyers feel good about this purchase. I’ve been playing games since I was 4 years old (I’m turning 23 here in a few months) this is the first review I decided to do and will structure it in bulleted points Breaking up each portion of the review and will be talking about things I like and didn’t like in each category.

    Now even though in the 18 years I spent playing video games (I still play don’t worry) I feel that while this is still at heart My Opinionbut it’s an opinion fueled by years of gaming experience. So enough gabbing and let’s get this review started. I’d also like to note that this review will be revised once I finished and obtained all the DLC I will also try and hide as many spoilers as I can.

    What is Sword Art Online?

    The SAO anime first made its appearance back in 2012 and follows the story of Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) a young man who lives in a era were VR games and VR I’m general has made incredible advancements, this leads to the creation of a little VR game effectively named ┬í┬░Sword Art Online┬í┬▒. SAO was game for the VR NerveGear headset that allowed full body motion inside a virtual world while disabling the body to prevent injuries.

    However, SAOs creator Akihito Kayaba left a rather sinister detail out, his game was actually a virtual death trap. In a normal game dying would lead to frustration and a respaw so you could leave or try again but not in Kayaba’s world, should a player die in SAO they would die in real life. Now that’s as far as I’ll go because it’s an amazing anime and is a charming Homage to this little awesome anime series called .Hack.

    <u>General Feeling of the Game</u>

    Now from the start of the game you are given a brief overview of the events of the the Anime leading up to GGO, this is an AWESOME first start as it establishes he story and characters and is good for jogging the memory of people (like me) who don’t remember every little thing about the anime. Then it slides into a brief tutorial showing you the gameplay and future encounters. Right away this game is reminiscent of games like; The Division, Dragonball Xenoverse 1&2, and the Phantasy Star Series. Now some have said ┬í┬░herp deep this game is nothing like Phantasy Star Online herpa derpa derp *sound of blowing raspberries*┬í┬▒

    It is like PHS in the since that you create a Charecter an d go on adventures with friends. Now the game is a third person shooter style MMO and before you start groaning. It’s actually really solid especially with the ┬í┬░Assist Mode┬í┬▒ targeting system which make the Gatling Guns and LMGs a dream to use. The ease of access to the moderation menus in parties and the level of customization is impressive.

    <u>Graphics and Music</u>

    Now right of the bat this games graphics aren’t Quantum Break levels of beautiful but instead chose a glossy stylized setting that emulates the anime itself. From the very beginning we are shown how desolate and ruined the world of GGO is designed lots of desserts, ruined land and cities, as well as grassy gorges. All this couples with colorful and astheticly please enemies, weapons, and armors as well as accessories and you have a truly ┬í┬░Anime Styled┬í┬▒ game. Though the hair clipping on the longer hairstyles can Ben annoying at points but that’s just me nit picking.

    The music is by far the first thing that takes your nipples and twists them into submission with their beauty. The orchestral pieces durning battles and key events are astoundingly beautiful and create a badass and punchy theme pumping you up to gun down mobs and other players in beautiful flurry of jumps, spins, and flying brass (and sometimes lasers). Bandai Namco is responsible for some of this game and as we saw with Dark Souls when Bandai Namco does music it is by far the most beautiful and emotional themes. Granted it’s no Final Fantasy but I digress.

    <u>Gameplay and Mechanics</u>

    Now formthe meat of the review, as I’ve stated before I’ve been playing games for 18 years and I’ve seen some great gameplay mechanics and I’ve seen things that heavily literally made me sigh in disappointment (Looking at you Duke Nekum Forever, Call of Duty, and Overwatch) thankfully I can say that much like in The Division I found myself smiling and laughing at how much fun the gameplay was. Never before has gunning down Androids, Scorpions, and Wasps been more fun, now there are a few gripes I do have but I’ll be saving them for the ladder half of this section.

    Freedom of Movement is my first point on this as you feel the weight of your guns and grappling tehther. One thing that disappoints me in games is when heavily armed and armored charecters run like ninjas and can do things a 120 lbs wet towel could do, it’s jist not realistic. Thankfully in Fatal Bullet your movement and weight in the controls does change with your loadout. If you say carry a Gattlong Gun and LMG your gonna be slow as were my build (AR and Auto Shotgun) allows quick maneuvers and quick grappling and sliding into safety. (Though if you have a Gattling Gun and an LMG your probably a tank in which case speed doesn’t matter since you can soften the damage with high defense).

    This game is fun in single player as you can take characters from the anime and bring them along (Silica, Sinon, Lizbeth, Kline, and Agil just to name a few) and as you fight with them their affinity towards you grows and eventually you get ¡°Sleep Over Events¡± which is pretty self explanatory. However, once in multiplayer this game instantly ramps up to 100 with fun, between Bounty Hunting, Treasure Hunting, PVP, and PVE Dungeon Raiding the things you can do with friends is superb.

    Now as I said there are a few gripes I have, some are nit picky as an RPG savant and others generally saddened me as a player. The first thing I need to address is the Charecter Creation; Now I did say earlier that I like the creator but I do have some problems, mainly being the lack of in depth sliders. I tried hours to make my guy not look like a 12 year old COD player in his moms basement and for the most part I succeeded, I do wish that we had more dedicated sliders that allowed more then just stretching and squishing the hips, legs, arms, hands, torso, etc…

    The clothing was also disappointing as the selections are very limited, a problem I hope will be fixed with DLC. Another issue with the game is while there are unique classes of weapons their designs share the exact same 3-4 models (depending on the weapon) now some are unique and some aren’t just pallet swaps with different stats. Again a issue I hope will be fixed with DLC. Now onto a nit pick that a lot of people notice; The translation issues are vast and slightly annoying as Scorpions are called beetles and bee’s are called wasps as well as some other translation problems. If this were an indie game I’d let it slide but this is a AAA title so there is no excuse, it makes back to the whole Ripes and Keys issue the Zelda games had.

    Now this is kinda a personal gripe but the ┬í┬░Affinity System┬í┬▒ doubles as a very shallow dating system. Now I’m a RPG player that LOVES romance in games like Persona 3, Fire Emblem Fates and Awakening, Conception II, and the list goes on. So hearing there was ┬í┬░Romance┬í┬▒ (in the loosest term possible) I was disappointed with how empty it felt, despite having a sleep over with Leafa and seeing her in a rather suggestive outfit was funny and entertaining I felt myself feeling like a fully implanted dating system would have been better. They could have pulled a Fire Emblem Awakening and when you achieve a new relationship rank it boost both you and your partners stats

    <u>Final Thoughts and Epilogue</u>

    Though my time in the main story was short it was still so much fun and to this day I’ve already teplyed it three times experimenting with different guns and builds, is this game perfect? No but no game is perfect and each game has its own unique flaws, However unlike Call of Duty, Overwatch, and League Of Legends mediocrity is NOT something that you’ll find in SAO: Fatal Bullet. Now like any game if you play it to much you will get bored of it but that’s not the games fault, so many people are quick to deal Anime games a harsh review simply cause we live in a world where idiots feed off of innocent people liking something they find fun, that’s why this review is here it’s a short review written by a very seasoned gaming professional. Now the game doesn’t have quite a hefty price tag at around $60 USD so if you don’t want to pay that much wait till it’s on sale as it’s a game that’s worth the wait.

    This review was short and brief for two reasons; 1.) This is my first review and I’m typing this up via iPhone (not fun) and 2.) I wanted to give a fair and unbiased review without spoiling to much of the game.

    My names Radiant Sword and I wanna thank you for reading this review and I hope I convinced you to ignore the hateful articles about this game and give it a try for yourself.

    If there is a game you want me to review then drop me a email at Avenger3489@gmail.com or at Toxicponygaming@gmail.com with the Subject Title ¡°Radiant Sword Reviews¡± please provide a screen name or something if you wished to be mentioned. That being said and done I will see you all in the next review.

    Namaste my gaming brothers and sisters.

    <u>Copyright, March 18th, 2018 by Noah Rice</u>

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