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2-D Artistic God of War

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    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    2-D Artistic God of War

    Concept: 2-D action platfomer featuring the Greek warrior Nikandreos as he challenges Zues and the Greek gods to stop them from harming all of humanity. Similar to Nintendos’ Metroid series power ups can be discovered hidden throughout Olympus granting new abilities to Nikandreos. Locations within Olympus can be explored endlessly, and new areas are unlocked by defeating particular gods instead gaining new abilities.

    Graphics: The artistic ancient Greek pottery style world is beautiful, simple, and elegant.

    Sound: Music complements the action on screen, but is otherwise unremarkable. Voice work is missing, so expect to read what the characters have to say. The sound effects of combat are charming at first, but become repetitive by the end of the game.

    Control: Simple plat forming, shield blocking, and attacking controls allow any player to start the game, but learning the timing of each weapon is critical to finally face Zues. Switching between items can be cumbersome, requiring pauses during combat. Beware that weapons wear down and eventually break, but at least Nikandreos automatically switches to the next best weapon in your inventory.

    Game Time: Approximately 12 hours for a play through on the Normal difficulty setting.

    Apotheon has a familiar story to anyone familiar with Greek myths and other popular fictions such as the God of War series based on the Greek mythologies. However familiar the story, the ending promotes reflection of the relationship between mortals and gods, and between allies and enemies. What sets this game apart is the unique art style and the honest presentation of the Greek gods. Take the time to read all of the tablets, and observe the behavior of the gods, as the research compiled for the game is incredible and accurate to the source material.

    The game play is entertaining and fun, but to complete the game one must achieve mastery of the timing of each weapon. Power ups help, but ultimately it will take mastering the basic skills of combat to over come what could be a difficult game. It is recommended to take notes of mysterious locations within each area and to be alert for clues that tell Nikandreos the location of power ups and weapon caches. Every weapon and power up ultimately serves as an advantage when challenging the gods and the mighty Zues.

    Recommendation: Apotheon is for anyone whom enjoys Greek mythology, and whom has the patience to master the controls to see the game to its rewarding conclusion. Fans of Nintendos’ side scrolling Metroid series would also find Apotheon worth their time of worship. If anything, it is recommended for anyone to simply watch the game on YouTube as the artistic graphics are incredible.

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